Welcome to IE(I) Alumni Association

It is with great pleasure we welcome each one of you to our IE(I) Alumni Association and delighted to have you as partners in our continuing efforts to build and strengthen our incredible Engineering community.

Unlike other colleges IE(I) is a multilocation institution and we had no single location where we could all develop networks and become a cohesive group. But that doesn't stop our wish to form networks, work for making our Institution even greater, celebrate others and share our achievements amongst our community. Most of all, as constant learners and mentors, we would like to keep in touch with others members for fruitful discussions.

Recognizing this need to bond, interact, celebrate, learn and contribute, IE(I) has provided an appropriate platform through IE(I) Alumni Association with the following objectives.

  • To provide a forum for the Alumni of the Institution
  • To engage in such academic and social activities to contribute towards promoting liaison between the Alumni and the Institution
  • To further the cause of Science and Technology
  • To keep alive love, spirit, affection and gratitude for our alma mater
  • To recognize the specific contributions of Alumni to the society and engineering fraternity
  • To interact with students to help them integrate well with IE(I) more easily and improving mentor-mentee relationships

Alumni Association is planning to host numerous events, programs, graduation ceremonies and volunteer opportunities both locally, nationally and across IE(I).

We would like to encourage all our fellow alumni to get involved and have an immediate impact upon the success of our Institution, its current students and our alumni community.